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August 23, 2019

MARK THE DATE: Africa-China Journalists Forum at Wits University, 30 October 2019

Africa-China Journalists Forum 2019:
Ten Years of Africa-China Journalism and the Future

30 October 2019
09:30-13:00, followed by lunch
African Investigative Journalism Conference 2019, Johannesburg
Auditorium 1, Wits Science Stadium, Wits West Campus

RSVP to Bongiwe Tutu by latest 15 October.

The Africa-China Journalists Forum, the annual gathering of journalists discussing their Africa-China investigations and reports from the field, will take place at Wits University on 30 October as part of the African Investigative Journalism Conference. This year's Forum marks ten years of Africa-China journalism supported by the Africa-China Reporting Project, and the event will look back at the preceding decade as well as include a roundtable discussion on the future of Africa-China journalism, moderated by Yu-Shan Wu, Project Research Associate.

The Forum will feature journalists from Nigeria, China, Kenya and South Africa (see full programme below) discussing the use of digital tools in environmental reporting, the Chinese-built railway in Kenya, Alibaba and African entrepreneurship, and the challenges facing female journalists in Africa. The Forum will also feature the new book China, Africa and the Future of the Internet  by Iginio Gagliardone.

As the Forum will this year form part of the African Investigative Journalism Conference at Wits University, it is essential that those seeking to attend the Forum RSVP to Bongiwe Tutu by latest 15 October (those who will be attending the conference need not RSVP for the Forum).

Please see the programme and details on the speakers below.


To view short biographies of all the speakers please click here.

To read full reports on the Forum events of previous years, please see below:

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