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October 19, 2015

Reporting FOCAC - A Multimedia Guide to Covering the Sixth FOCAC Conference

The Wits China-Africa Reporting Project has launched a new website on reporting FOCAC6 via a collaboration with the China Africa Project. The new website, which can be accessed at, contains background on China-Africa (China-Africa myths, China-Africa relations, Chinese media in Africa), resources for reporters covering the conference (audio guides and key themes), and online resources (China-Africa Twitter list, China-Africa lists of long reads, books, documents and sites).

The site is also replete with infographics and is easy to use for journalists, and a Chinese language version of the site can be accessed at

The Wits China-Africa Reporting Project's Roundtable will take place on November 12, and will see a range of international experts discuss the multimedia and various other aspects of FOCAC6. For more on the event and to register, please see

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