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August 18, 2020

WATCH: Webinar - How to protect yourself and your data, Africa-China edition by Desmond Latham

On 5 August 2020 the Africa-China Reporting Project held the Webinar:

Protect yourself and your data – Africa-China edition by Desmond Latham (COO, Frayintermedia)

The full presentation from this Webinar is available here.

About the Webinar:

Personal digital security issues have emerged over the past decade as social media platforms increase the possibility of being tracked and abused online. We are forced to use platforms which are actively bartering our data with bad people, so how do we maintain a digital footprint without being stomped on? As China increases investments in digital surveillance, African governments are showing a great deal of interest in their tools. We’ll take a closer look at some of the examples over the past few years.

The chances of being hacked as a city, country or as an individual are growing exponentially. What can you do about it? Actually, quite a bit including learning how to throw smoke and mirrors in the way of a computerised thug, using visibility to confound those who would prey on you, and learning the art of how to become invisible in a world full of artificial intelligence, face recognition and CCTV cameras.

Much of what we do entails having a digital identity. This webinar takes into account the need for journalists to have Twitter/TikTok/Facebook/Youtube/Instagram on their devices and then designing your life around the fact that this IS the 21st century and you can’t really hide. But you can manage the threats. We’ll show you some tricks to survive the total algorithmic onslaught.

The webinar features:

• How to obfuscate your location

• How to hide in plain sight

• Tracking your abusers and taking action

• Personal digital security apps

• Legacy techniques that work in a digital age

• How to avoid sharing too much

In 2019, the Africa-China Reporting Project held a Workshop and an Open Forum on Digital Identity, Data, Technology and Privacy in Africa. More information on these events is within the reports below:

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